Monday, December 28, 2009

Letter to My Dad IV

December 28, 2009

Then off we went to Lac St. Denis near Morin Heights in Quebec, a brand new radar base. You were, once again, the station adjutant. We lived next to “Mr.” Jackson, the base CO. I have a couple of memories from there about you – the time you led the parade complete with hollered out orders with all the airmen and air women right in front of our house. I was really impressed seeing you doing something militarily with uniform and everything. Remember the women’s barracks were right at the end of our street and I used to hang out my bedroom window late at night and see all the smooching going on when the guys were walking their girlfriends “home”. Our house was as close to the barracks as they were allowed. We got a tour of the radar dome up on the hill one year too.

That's Mom's printing under the photo.

And the Big Deal Memory was when you were to be driving me to Ottawa in the pale green Meteor so I could go to summer camp at Camp Pontiac (an Anglican Church camp). We got up that morning and the car was gone. After a phone call, we all trooped over to the other side of the street, which was a sheer drop into the trees, and there was the car. Someone had pushed it over the side in the night. Boy, were you mad! Fortunately, they made cars out of metal in those days and I don’t think there was any damage at all even though it fetched up against a tree. There’s a picture of that too. I’m sure you were taking pictures for the MPs and the insurance company. I’ve since learned that the station adjutant was a tough job because it involved discipline. I imagine there were folks there who didn’t like you very much.

And then you were posted to Germany in the fall of 1953. Now that was quite the journey! Those were the days when the air force sent us all by ship and because you were an officer, we went first class. For a 13-year-old girl, that was amazingly romantic! I loved the trip over and I loved the trip back three years later in 1956.

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