Sunday, September 11, 2011

Flight Log Books - May & June 1941

Here is photo of Dad in the cockpit. I believe it's a Whitley. And there's also a photo of Mom and me. This one is taken at the window overlooking a small courtyard at 13 Deva Terrace, Chester.

And here are a few pages of Mom's diary. These are obviously torn out of a bigger diary. These are the only pages I have though as she didn't give me the rest of that book. I do have an entry for 1942 and I have her diaries from 1943 and 1944 which I will post when we get there. I'll add another page from July 1941 when I get to Dad's logs for next month.

Flight Log Books - March & April 1941

Dad is now O.C. of "B" Flight. And at the end of April it seems he got a promotion to Flight Lieutenant. Here is a copy of a page out of a magazine which shows Dad welcoming a Canadian to Bomber Command. And a new plane has been added to the list - a Magister.

Flight Log Books - January & February 1941

Here we are in a new year. Things seemed to have changed in January. I note that Dad is a Flying Officer O.C. of "D" Flight. I'm sure one of my very knowledgeable readers out there will correct me but I think this means that he is now an instructor with bomber command.

Flight Log Books - November & December 1940

And so we finish out the year of 1940. And I hope he was able to be with Mom and me over Christmas - between December 19 and 28.

Flight Log Books - September & October 1940

And more Whitley flying.

Flight Log Books - July & August 1940

Here are two more months worth of flying Whitleys. You will note that while he didn't fly on his 22nd birthday (July 24), he did fly on my first birthday (July 29)!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flight Log Books - June 1940

In June 1940, Dad moved to No. 7 B.& G.S. at Newton Down - - and started training on Whitleys.

The Battle of Britain begins on July 10, 1940.

Sunday, September 4, 2011