Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nijmegen Bridge

Here I am again. I was at my brother Rob's in St. Catherines recently. He said he had come across one of those acordion file folders which Mom had filled with different categories. One was WWII pictures. As I went through them, I realized that these were new to my eyes. We all divided up the ones we wanted to keep and since I seem to the "keeper" of the items pertaining to Dad, I have those items to add to the collection.

Here is the one that caught my eye - the bridge at Nijmegen. Having checked out various websites with pictures of this bridge, I am convinced that this photo is the bridge at Nijmegen and was taken perhaps around 1954 - not sure of the year, but certainly between 1954-56. That's Dad with a tour bus in the background and the bridge behind that. I can't believe it would be somewhere else.

Dad's logs show what he was doing during the time when the Allied tropps were trying to take those bridges. Here are the pages from Dad's log listing September 16, 1944 and onwards including a rather odd insert of a couple of November entries in a Harvard.

I've also copied the next pages from October 2 to November 8, 1944.

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