Thursday, January 26, 2012

Diaries - January, 1944

This is the month when Dad received the Distinguished Flying Cross. Here is the entry in The London Gazette.

And then there is a long gap in Dad's flight logs until April of this year. One of Mom's entries says he was posted to Grangemouth which seems to have been a training base. I'll wait to hear from the "experts" on this.

In the meantime, here are Mom's diary entries for January, 1944. Her beloved brother Bill came to see us this month. He was Lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Army and was one of the soldiers who helped to liberate the Netherlands. I think he was in the Service Corps. Mom's friend Pat Pimlott took the photo of the three of us.

I think some of Mom's entries are really revealing. She went to meet Dad in Newcastle and says he seemed to be much better. She adds that she thinks it's "just his nerves bothering him".

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  1. Anne. Nice work in preserving your family's history which is all part of our history.