Wednesday, August 24, 2011

February and early March 1940

February may be blank in Dad’s Log Books but I suspect he was rather busy. He would have heard that Mom and her father were on their way to England. He probably had to find a place for Mom to live. And he had to find a church for them to be married in.

Here is a letter from Mom’s dear brother Bill. They were very close all through their lives. When Mom died in November of 1994, her brother died a few months later – in April of 1995. This letter was written just as Mom was heading overseas.

Here is a little map that was in my files of Tern Hill which where Dad was based.

You will see that Dad only took 4 days off from training for their wedding at St. Margaret of Antioch Anglican Church, Moreton Say on March 6. It looks like they were married by an R.A.F. Chaplain. I can’t quite make out his name on the Marriage Certificate.

Here are a couple of photos of the wedding. The first one is the whole wedding party:

L – R - RAF Chaplain, Dad, Mom, “Aunt” Hilda Pickmere (whose house we shared in Chester) and Grandpa Rannie (J. Les Rannie).

The second one is of the happy couple.

I really like this happy photo of Mom and Dad taken probably after the wedding.

And here is where Mom started her life for the next 5 years in Chester –

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