Monday, August 8, 2011

Flight Log Books - June 1939

Here is the second month of Dad's training. He got sick with undulant fever - a serious bacterial infection (brucellosis - can be caused by drinking raw milk. The disease has been known as Malta fever, Bang's disease, Mediterranean fever, rock fever, and goat fever. In humans, undulant fever assumes acute and chronic forms. The acute form is characterized by weakness, chills, and high night fevers and often results in central nervous system disorders, and painful joints) near the end of the month. My grandmother went to England to help nurse him back to health. She gave him her return ticket to Canada so he could see Mom. He arrived back in England on November 13 in Liverpool on the Antonia from Montreal and started back in training in December 1939 which will come next.

Here is a photo of Dad in training at Walsgrave, Coventry.

And here is a photo of Dad and his Mother in England when he was sick. He doesn't look all that well in this picture.

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