Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Pictures from the Mardaga

I'm still going through all the pictures taken by Bill, me on the iPhone (those are the fuzzy ones, sorry), Guido van Roy, Roger Dreesen, the folks at I hope I haven't forgotten anyone, if so, let me know.

Here are a few taken around the Mardaga that I really like. Some have nothing to do with the ceremony of the cognac but just because I think they are fun.

This was the view out our window to the back of the inn about where Dad would have walked down the hill. As I mentioned before, there were no trees on that little rise in 1945.

I'm not sure how well you can see this but it's a two-person elevator that goes to the second and third floors of the inn. It was terrific for someone who hates stairs and it was great for getting luggage up and down.

And how cool is this! You put your foot under the right colour of shoe shine polish, hit the button, hang on and you get your shoes shined. I remember that you used to be able to leave your shoes outside the door in the evening in hotels and the next morning, they would be all cleaned and spiffy.

And here's me in the back of the Mardaga near the patio blogging away.

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