Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Noon, January 16/10 at the Mardaga

Really, really big news! Karel says they have found Dad's Spitfire!

About an hour ago, a friend said there is an indentation in the ground where a plane crashed. I may not have this story exactly right but will correct as I get more. Karel has also located a man who has some pieces from the plane. He will try to get them and send them to us. There was only one Spitfire that crashed here and that would have been Dad's. Karel says it's hard to get to right now but he's looking into "things" - so we'll see.

We had a great time with Roger Dreesen of the newspaper "Het Beland Van Limburg" who took pictures for tomorrow's paper and then there will be an article in Monday's paper as well.

More later.

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