Friday, January 22, 2010

Pictures and Cutlines from London - II

Here are the last pictures from London that haven't appeared elsewhere.

You might remember seeing Trafalgar Square elsewhere on this blog - this lion has snow on his nose.

This piece of ancient Roman wall is right across from the Tower of London. Imagine - about 2,000 years old.

And here is The Tower of London itself.

There are more London pictures but I think I'd better get us to Belgium on the remarkable Eurostar. It took 20 minutes to go under the English Channel! It was fast without feeling like we were flying. It was a bit cramped, kind of like being in today's planes with not too much leg room but you could get up and walk to the what could be called the Tuck Shop where you could buy sandwiches and snacks and drinks.

Here are a couple of shots -

St. Pancras Station where the Chunnel trains leave London.

Inside the wonderful station.

You-know-who trucking along to get in Car 2 to Brussels.

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